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Custom Tree of Life Necklace

Custom Tree of Life Necklace


Create a beautiful keepsake!  Hand-made tree of life pendant suspended from a sterling silver snake chain.  Metal ring and wire are stainless steel.  Pendant ring measures 1-3/4".


Customize your tree of life pendant by choosing the number of branches and the stones.  Branches should be an even number and can range from six to fourteen.  See the additional info section for stones that are available.  Use the box below to indicate the stone names.  If you have a preference for the stone sequence, list the stones in the order you would like them, starting from left to right.


Photos are for reference only and are not indicative of the actual item you will receive.

  • Stones Available


    Month Stone Alternate Stone
    January Garnet  
    February Amethyst  
    March Aquamarine  
    April Clear Quartz  
    May Emerald Malachite
    June Moonstone Pearl

    Ruby (note: Rubies

    are round and not chips)

    Red Jasper
    August Peridot  

    Sapphire (note: Sapphires

    are round and not chips)

    Lapis Lazuli
    October Opal Rose Quartz
    November Citrine  
    December Turquoise  

    Other stones

    • Tiger Eye (Brown)
    • Labradorite
    • Amber (Dark)
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