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Custom Engraved Hammer

Custom Engraved Hammer


Add a custom message to a hammer for a unique gift.  The hammer has a hardwood handle with a 16-ounce, polished forged-steel head.  Total weight 25 ounces.


We will engrave the handle of the hammer with your message.  Engraving can be on one side or both sides.  Add names, dates, handwritten messages, quotes, etc. 


Short messages are optimal; longer messages may be possible but will result in a smaller font.


Click here for a few ideas.

  • Handwritten Messages

    You may choose to have a handwritten message or signature engraved on your hammer.  Write your message on a plain white piece of paper using black ink.  Scan the paper or take a high-quality photograph and email it to us at  We will then work with you to insure the handwritten message will engrave properly.

    An example is to have a child write, "Happy Father's Day 2023.  Love, Jessica".  Another example could be for a wedding gift from one partner to another, "Looking forward to what we build together." and on the second side, "Sammy and Danielle ~ February 6, 2023". 

  • Fonts

    The fonts listed are the standard fonts.  When we design your hammer, we can change the font style and size to fit the text.  If you have a specific style in mind, email us at 

  • Confirming/Approving the Engraving

    Once your order is received, we will design the graphics and provide you a proof for review.  We will make changes, if needed.  Once the engraving is confirmed, the engraving will be completed.

    Due to the nature of customized items, refunds will not be provided due to inaccuracies in the engraving.

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